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Samantics is a company focused on fitting all your project’s puzzle pieces together perfectly. 

Specialising in digital strategy – from mapping out and developing an online presence and marketing plan, to creating content that brings your project to life on any platform. 

But no one piece is a whole puzzle, and that’s why every opportunity should be taken into account when forming the perfect strategy for each project. 

No project is too big or too small… from a brand online presence strategy to a simple SEO optimised blog post, it’s all Samantics. 

Our Services


Logic is my biggest asset and data my best friend, so I am happy to help you tackle any project you need puzzling out. Everyone has areas of specialisation though, and here are some of mine:

Marketing Campaign Development
Digital Presence Analysis
Online Brand Development



Murder on

the Cards

#DropDeadFun card game. Documenting the making of your new favourite card game

Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 20.22.15.png

Discovering South West England

Freelance Copywriter exploring my new home. Currently based in Keynsham

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