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How to Tell if Your Marketing Campaign will be a Success

Marketing campaigns are essentially always birthed out of a business need. It can be difficult to create a campaign that triggers an emotional response or desire in consumers when your motivation is “we need to tell people about our new product”.

As with anything in life, things tend to go so much better when you approach others with their needs in mind, rather than your own. That’s why it serves marketers well to flip business goals on their head and look at whatever they are marketing from the customer’s point of view instead.

Your Marketing Campaign Should Speak to Benefits

No one intrinsically wants two vacuums. But what if you understand that the majority of your market are a demographic that have their own cars, are past the point of being content with a car filled with crumbs, dirt and wrappers. They possibly have kids – some days they don’t even have the strength to assess the condition of the backseat.

And look at this – your handheld vacuum is the most powerful on the market, cleans wet and dry messes and lasts for 4 hours on one charge.

Look at what YOU can do for your consumers, and they then they are more likely to listen.

Be Disruptive

Aah, disruptive. Sick of hearing that word yet? It’s true though, when you do something different, you catch attention.

It’s why digital marketing can be so exciting – there are always new ways to present content, reach your audience and delight them. If you stay on top of the developments, and implement them when your target market is receptive (not normally when a tech is brand new, but depends on the audience) then you will be a breath of fresh air.

Another area of marketing that is very good at disrupting is experiential marketing. It tends to be physical, real, and forces the target market to stop and pay attention. The best activations get the audience involved in some way, which causes the event to become something they did, not just something that happened to them.

Disrupt your audience’s day. Make them pause and notice you. But more than that, involve them, this is how you truly get remembered.

Of course, do all the above in a positive way, or you may have to take up the mantra, “no publicity is bad publicity…no publicity is bad publicity…”.

Back to those goals

If you were purely altruistic and only cared about your target market’s well-being, well then you would just give them the vacuums for free.

But you’re in business, and a marketing campaign is more of a “put your own mask on first, before helping others” situation.

We need to be practical here. While you know that you have a product that can make an aspect of your consumer’s lives easier, and that it’s a quality product, your marketing campaign can only be deemed a true success if it achieves something for the business.

That’s why behind every marketing campaign there should be an achievable goal. A driving force that gets you out there marketing away.

This goal can inform what kinds of content or adverts you use. If you are running a campaign because you want more people buying your vacuum off your new site, then run digital ads where the main objective is to click through to the product page on your website. Offer digital coupon codes. Direct all content to the website. Everything in your campaign should be working with the mechanic to increase ecommerce sales.

Your business goal will be the metric off which you judge your marketing campaign. How much you understand and connect with your target market will dictate your ability to achieve that goal.

Want help coming up with a killer marketing campaign that mixes people with real business goals?

Email and we can chat.

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